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 A Virtual Assistant & Business Management Support Specialist

We help business owners connect their vision with the support vital to grow your reach, create sustainable client relationships, and increase the value of your business.

The Izzy Connect Difference:

Our tandem approach identifies and implements solutions to client pain points.

We invest in your success. Focus on why, and we focus on how.

Our approach is mindful & consistent. 


We keep our values close, and they are the heart of our success. Because you deserve a VA that is:

Meet Isabel (Izzy) Villanueva

A native of The Bronx, NY, Isabel and her family moved to Ohio in 2001. A self-motivated, experienced professional, with a toolkit of 25+ years of transferable skills, she expanded her freelance journey in 2019. The Izzy Connect was born in 2021.

Helping business owners bridge the gap between their vision and the support systems needed to grow is what Izzy does best! Start-ups are her passion because it is an opportunity to support another entrepreneur as they blaze their own trail.

let us tell you our why.

"Isabel is a joy to work with. She is detail-oriented, conscientious and eager to learn, while also being flexible and responsive to the ever changing needs of her clients and colleagues. She is an excellent communicator and problem solver, who is not afraid to voice her opinion, especially as an advocate for other women and marginalized people."

Pam Turos, Owner, Good Cause Creative + Co-Owner Trialogue, Inc.

"Isabel is a caring, attentive and committed person who’s always available for her clients. It’s vital that a project manager understands the demands of delivering in a constantly moving environment. She’s proven it time and time again that her ability to be proactive and agile achieve the desired results. The right balance of professionalism and people skills. It was a pleasure working with her on 3 projects and I hope for more in the future!"

jerome Legros, Account Manager, Openroom events

Anne Duffy, Founder, Dental Entrepreneur Woman

"Isabel Villanueva was a joy to work with during our second annual DeW Life Retreat. She kept us organized, calm, and excited to deliver the information on a new platform. Her expertise and professionalism were crucial in making this event a huge success! I highly recommend Isabel and her team! 5 stars."


As the founder and owner of The Izzy Connect, I want to ensure that I represent my ancestry in meaningful and intentional ways. I chose the turtle/tortoise/tortuga as the symbol for my logo. Generally speaking, turtles symbolize many of the values associated with The Izzy Connect: patience, wisdom, endurance, perseverance, and transformation. The ancient people of Puerto Rico, Taíno Indians, considered the turtle to be the mother of fertility and the origin of life. The tortuga represents creation and connection. Creating and growing a business is no small feat! It takes courage, intuitiveness, and the desire to breathe life into your vision. Welcome to The Izzy Connect. 

our tortuga

A huge range of services, with your biz in mind.

Calendar/Schedule Management

- creating a calendar management system
- schedule meetings/appointments via phone, email, or social media
- send confirmation and/or reminder emails
- reschedule appointments/meetings
- manage multiple calendars

content management

- repurpose content
- create and plan content management calendar
- research statistics
- content scheduling

email inbox & file management

- setting up alerts, rules, & filters aligned with your needs and preferences
- clean up and sort, archive or delete old emails
- sort email and categorize according to urgency or response needed
- creating email template responses
- converting email action items to tasks in task management system(s); i.e., Asana, Trello, Airtable, Basecamp, Google Keep, etc.
- manage and update your contact lists
- unsubscribe from unwanted email lists
- manage out of office auto-responder
- respond to meeting requests, schedule meetings
- organizing files using Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.


- travel itineraries
- booking car rentals
- researching and reserving flight(s)
- researching and reserving hotel accommodations
- researching and recommending restaurants
- organize and add travel details to your calendar
- flight check-in
- email management while traveling
- receipt management (collecting and organizing for reimbursement or tax deduction(s)
-send thank you gifts to host

virtual event management

- research technology options and costs
- research, outreach, and client management
- maintain communication with participants, panelists, speakers, guests, etc.
- technology testing
- create and send invitations
- complete all necessary virtual event details
- collect and manage RSVPs
- create and send post-event feedback requests
- coordinate payment options for participants
- collaborate with production team

light bookkeeping services

- ensure timely bill payment
- reconcile bank and credit card statements
- prepare invoices and general ledgers
- prepare and send invoices to client(s)/customer(s)
- send payment reminders
- follow up with client(s)/customer(s) via phone call
- maintain financial data in software application
- enter payables and receivables
- receipt collection, tracking, and organizing

Social media strategy

- content planning
- social Media audits
- develop Instagram aesthetic
- # research
- create branded Instagram story

Email Marketing 

- upload names and email addresses
- create templates
- curate content
- add links
- provide marketing summary
- build Email campaign
- segment subscribers
- schedule and send emails
- prepare performance reports

client relations

- respond to initial and/or recurring client/customer inquiries (via phone call and/or email)
- respond to client/customer concerns and/or complaints (via phone call and/or email)
- client onboarding (welcome packet creation, etc.)
- regular check in with long term clients/customers/partners
- address product and/or service issues with client/customer

project management

- account setup with project management tools (Asana, Trello, Airtable, Basecamp, etc.)
- client/project management using online tools

web development & design

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Services include, but are not limited to:

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